HEITEC Managing Board Chairman Richard Heindl honored with the highest Chamber of Industry and Commerce award


HEITEC Managing Board Chairman Richard Heindl has been honored with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Medal of Honor in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the Middle Franconian economy. CIC President Dirk von Vopelius and General Manager Markus Lötzsch presented the CIC’s highest award in Nuremberg’s historical Town Hall.

The ceremony was held on the occasion of the CIC Annual Reception for Politics & Business, which the CIC hosts to promote constructive collaboration among decision-makers in the European metropolitan region. Joachim Herrmann, Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, Sports, and Integration, addressed the audience at the CIC Annual Reception.

He honored Heindl’s accomplishments in his speech: "Richard Heindl has distinguished himself in many ways beyond his entrepreneurial commitment to the Franconian economy. We in this region are proud of his company and his accomplishments." Directly addressing the distinguished entrepreneur, Herrmann said: "You’re a shining example of a self-made man, who began with nothing and created something outstanding by dint of your performance, dedication, creativity, tenacity, and drive."

The Interior Minister went on to say, "Nothing was handed to you. You earned it all yourself. Quick to recognize future potential, you developed HEITEC into the market leader in some industrial segments. The key to your success is the courage to act on unconventional ideas combined with investments in research, the exploitation of market niches, the accumulation of trust capital, and your fundamental solidity. Our economy needs this successful combination of innovation capacity and reliability, not only in Middle Franconia but everywhere."

Herrmann characterized HEITEC as a potent technology company, one of the most important in Bavaria: "We thank you for your economic success in Middle Franconia and all of Bavaria."

HEITEC Managing Board Chairman Richard Heindl was overcome by all the praise: "I’m almost a little embarrassed, but I’m also proud. I don’t even know how I’ve earned this. First of all, I must thank my employees, the Managing Board, and our Chief Representative Johannes Feldmayer, all who represent our most important potential besides the satisfaction of our customers. Without them, I wouldn’t be standing here today." Heindl also ventured a glimpse of the future: "I don’t intend to rest on my laurels. Our goal must still be to promote technical innovation and be open to new possibilities in the digitalized world. It’s a lot of fun to be an entrepreneur." He concluded his speech with the declaration: "Those who don’t honor the past will lose the future."