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The faster path to networked production

Innovations always break established rules – and that’s exactly what’s currently happening with Industry 4.0. It’s an approach that eliminates the rigid structuring of production facilities and products and replaces it with flexible, networked production facilities. At the heart of Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things (IoT), which extensively interconnects humans, machines, and things. The IoT lays the foundation for numerous new services and offerings that can be used to autonomously plan and optimize machines and processes. As a result, formerly rigid production structures are broken apart and machines and processes continuously adapt themselves to production tasks. This approach requires a significant expansion of machine-to-machine communication with partially automated responses from the system.

With the rigorous digitalization of its engineering methods, HEITEC is demonstrating how design risks can be reduced, plant commissioning time shortened, and processes optimized during operation.

Horst Dietz

Sales Manager Automation and Software

As an expert in automation and information technology, HEITEC has developed a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions covering everything from digital plant and process planning to virtual commissioning as well as monitoring of plants and production processes with special embedded systems for faster production networking. 

All of these solutions support the development of smart factories with adaptive machines and systems, and with both centralized and decentralized production controls. 

With its offerings in the areas of automation, production technology, measurement technology, electronics, and software, and with experience in a wide range of industries, HEITEC helps its customers transition to Industry 4.0 faster. 

HEITEC 4.0 – the faster path to networked production

Digital engineering

Horizontal and
vertical integration

Data monitoring
and analysis

Embedded systems
for decentralized

  • Virtual commissioning
  • Digital twin
  • Digital planning
  • Networked automation and drive solutions
  • Networked production using SAP ERP systems
  • Monitoring of machines, plants, and quality
  • Ad-hoc visualization and analysis
  • SAP Fiori® UX technology
  • Non-standard components for automation
  • Decentralization of intelligence

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HEITEC 4.0 Brochure (PDF)