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Digital engineering

By consistently digitalizing its engineering methods, HEITEC demonstrates how risks can be reduced at the design stage, systems can be commissioned faster, and processes can be optimized during ongoing operation.

That’s why HEITEC developed solutions, cross-tool interfaces, and technology objects that bring planning simulation closer to reality. Using these solutions, interfaces, and objects, you can configure the production technology for your plants ahead of time along with various boundary conditions, simulate and optimize sequences of operations, and select alternatives.

  • Virtual commissioning
  • Digital twin
  • Digital planning
  • Shorter project duration and commissioning time
  • Reduced plant downtime
  • Improved software quality for problem-free production
  • Faster and easier employee training on the virtual model
  • Significant cost savings and higher productivity

An important productivity driver when building a plant is the software-based support for engineering processes that uses virtual models of machines, plants, robot applications, and material flows. Extensive libraries of virtual components make modeling easier – from presses, robots, conveyor belts, and entire automation systems to individual sensors and actuators.

Automation strategies can be tested in terms of both their functionality and their real behavior over time, and process sequences can be optimized. The concept of real commissioning on the virtual model means that you can simulate all current and future operating sequences in the relevant production environment in real time and control them using the original automation software.

Using the digital twin of the plant, you can comprehensively analyze production from the office. This enables you to design optimization strategies for the production sequence, research causes of errors, and analyze quality data. You can then test modifications on the virtual model and, if successful, apply them to the plant.

Our diverse portfolio for your digital factory

  • Virtual systems
  • Virtual machines
  • Material flow
  • Robot applications
  • Offline software qualification
  • Support/service
  • Resource qualification 

Virtual commissioning

Using digital engineering, you can achieve higher roll-out quality for automation and drive solution software and identify design and sequence errors at an early stage. This can significantly shorten project duration. You can also extend your virtual plant into logistics and simulate material flows, and also adapt the system software to the actual plant layout and work processes. All of this makes it easier to commission robots and conveyor equipment and to test alternative options for solutions. 

Project duration can be cut by an average of about 15 percent and commissioning time by 50 to 80 percent. When designing machines that are being built for the first time, digitalization reduces the processing time by four to six weeks. Future expansions or modifications can be planned and tested during ongoing operation.