24.09.2019 to 26.09.2019 in Nuremberg

Offering new trends, new prospects, and new opportunities, the European packaging industry is highly dynamic and diverse. FachPack highlights the industry’s main areas of focus and features an outstanding range of offerings for packaging, packaging technology, and packaging processes.

In line with the motto "HEITEC - system architect with engineering expertise," we’re presenting the following products as co-exhibitors at the Packaging Valley booth:

  • HeiTPM (Total Productive Manufacturing) creates bridges between the object- and service-oriented IT world and the machines on the shop floor. It features heterogeneous protocols, interfaces, and synchronously switched sequences up to real time in the millisecond range. This gives you transparency in production to increase plant availability and productivity. HeiTPM enables fast integration into diverse IT environments. Independently of manufacturer, the link is established to different platforms such as Acron and SAP, as well as to various cloud solutions such as Mindsphere.
  • HeiMAX (HEITEC Mobile Assistant) ensures an optimal, demand-driven, and paperless maintenance workflow for planning, coordination, and performance of maintenance and repair work. In the process, the web-based software communicates with all higher-level systems used in the company (SAP, CAD, etc.). As a result, service employees always have access to all the necessary information at the right time and in the right place.
  • HeiVM creates virtual models – known as digital twins – of automation components for the planning, simulation, virtual commissioning, and configuration of a plant. The concept of real commissioning on the virtual model means that you can simulate all current and future operating sequences in the relevant production environment in real time and control them using the original automation software. This lets you achieve higher roll-out quality for automation and drive solution software and identify design and sequence errors at an early stage. Parallel processes significantly shorten project duration.

We look forward to seeing you at Hall 2, Booth 2-422!