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In dynamic production environments, time pressure is always at the forefront. Efficient warehousing is essential for smooth processes, reliable quality and maximum sustainability. To ensure this, the software experts at Artschwager + Kohl (A+K) recently joined forces with the automation specialists at Heitec to successfully replace the local material flow and warehouse management system at the plant of a major vehicle manufacturer.


The Göppingen District – Surprising. INNOVATIVE. Christian Abt is convinced that the production and testing system specialist HEITEC fits perfectly into the region.


The automation and digitalization specialists Artschwager + Kohl, Heisab, and Heitec help companies optimize and modernize their intralogistics, from the ERP level to the MES and logistics levels all the way to the shop floor – and at the same time meet all the requirements of a smart factory.


Since April 2019, the world’s fastest fully automated wheel testing machine has been operating also in North America – and this is so successful that the second machine has already been ordered and is going to be put into operation in January 2020.


Additional throughput, variability and precision as well as enhanced connectivity to the product flow and optimized traceability


The HEITEC Group is showcasing its expertise in the fields of industrial x-ray technology, automation, and digitalization with a pilot project that uses robot-supported computed tomography in automobile manufacturing.


The HeiMAX OPS mobile assistance system from the automation specialist Heitec supports the service, maintenance, and assembly of machines and plants.


With HeiTPM, Heitec offers a solution that retrieves any data from controllers and sensors on the shop floor, supplements it with structural and descriptive information on self-describing objects, and prepares and stores it individually for different process participants for analysis and visualization.


Heitec 4.0 is the driver for greater flexibility and better value creation in production.

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