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Universally usable enclosure solution

Portfolio: Electronics
Industries: Electronics


In close cooperation with its customer – a manufacturer of components and systems for industrial electronics – HEITEC developed a universally usable enclosure and system solution that can be used in different sectors of industry and now represents the customer’s new standard platform. Thanks to its modular design, it can be flexibly adapted to the specific application and also, for example, enables a simple built-to-order configuration.

To provide the most versatile system possible, a decision was made to combine parts from the HeiPac Vario Module instrument case and system enclosure family with specific, special components. In terms of width, the customer chose the 42HP version of the subrack system. The top and buttom cover is painted in a selected color to match the customer’s corporate design. Equipped with housing feet, the system is primarily intended for operation in a laboratory and for research and development. However, the housing feet can also be removed. The system can be adapted to the possible uses at any time. A variety of 19” holding flanges, handles for the front, carrying handles for the cover and, for example, support stand/carrying handles are available for selection.

The entire system is designed as an EMC version to avoid any surprises during potential certification tests. This is underlined by the integrated 230 V input terminal with an additional fuse and EMC filter. It enables different power supplies that match the particular application to be installed and connected in the system.

The modular 19” enclosure concept permits the customer to integrate backplanes based on different standards. Typical standards include VPX, CompactPCI®, and CompactPCI® Serial, as well as the longer existing VMEbus™. Thanks to a housing depth of over 280 mm, it is also possible to integrate rear I/O boards (inserted from the rear side) at any time.

The variety of areas of application means that the internal extensions and therefore the amount of heat generated in the system can vary greatly. To maintain flexibility, the subrack is equipped with two 80 mm fans that provide vertical ventilation. They are approved for a temperature range from -20°C to +70°C and can easily be connected to the implemented system’s temperature management via additional, existing control and monitoring connections (PWM and tacho).


  • HeiPac Vario-Module instrument case and system enclosure module combined with customer specific components
  • Compatible with backplanes of different standards
  • D x W x H: 283 mm x 42HP x 4U
  • 2 x 80 mm fan with PWM and tacho connections (temperature range -20°C to +70°C)
  • Various handle versions available
  • Prepared for rear I/O
  • EMC version


  • Variable, compact enclosure solution for a variety of applications
  • Prepared for ventilation concept
  • Variety of installation and transportation options
  • Economical system solution