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Testing system, powertrain “HeiCMD (cylinder measuring device for bores and shafts)”

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Automotive


Injection nozzles for gasoline and diesel engines are subject to extreme requirements. The fuel must be as finely atomized as possible in order to be fully combusted. HEITEC ensures the correct functioning of the nozzles with the HeiCMD cylinder measuring device.


HeiCMD is a measuring device designed for the dimensional and geometric testing of bores and shafts with narrow shape and size tolerances. The measured data is immediately output digitally, which results in extremely short analysis times and thus stable measured values.

This permits scanning measurements with a repeat accuracy of 50 nanometers. The PC-based measuring device permits measurements of high-precision, rotationally symmetric parts that are accurate to within a ten-thousandth of a millimeter. Depending on requirements, the measuring station can be equipped with a pneumatic sensor, tactile probe, or laser to measure internal and external properties.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, HeiCMD can also be used directly on production lines.

Customer benefit

  • High repeat accuracy
  • Improved throughput times Increased productivity