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Testing system, powertrain “cams”

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Automotive


HEITEC develops and manufactures testing systems for cams. To meet quality requirements, the cams must be subjected to several tests. These can include: shape and contour, bore concentricity, hole diameter, edge recognition, turn point position, parallelism, thickness, attributive characteristics, temperature test, and temperature compensation.


The cams are fed into the testing system in bulk and are then individually aligned for measurement. 

Robot-controlled feeding is performed by means of Conveyor Tracking and a pick & place system where the components are then identified by shape and dot codes on the parts. If the test using vision and laser systems is successful, quantity recording is performed. If the test is unsuccessful, the defective parts are discharged.

Customer benefit

  • High repeat accuracy
  • Improved throughput times
  • Increased productivity