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Testing system, module test ”UTS (universal module test system)”

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Electronics, Information and Communication Technology


HEITEC developed a universally useable function test system based on a PXI system using TestStand and Lab-VIEW. This testing system covers the various function test requirements for pcbs that can be contacted either by plug-in adapters or needle bed adapters.


The Universal Test System (UTS) is a system for testing all the functional requirements of the different modules. This test system basically comprises three main components: TestStand, LabVIEW, and a PXI platform. The TestStand software platform controls user administration (Administrator, Operator), the parametrization of the individual test scenarios, database connections via LAN, the control of specific test sequences, and subsequent report generation. The specific testing software modules are implemented in TestStand using the Lab-VIEW graphical development environment.

The standardized PXI (PCI eXtentions for Instrumentation) 14-slot chassis forms the hardware platform that combines a powerful controller module and plug-in circuit boards for various jobs in the areas of signal generation and data acquisition. Test objects are adapted via plug-contact by means of exchangeable cassettes (test object-specific adapters), which are in turn connected to the function testing system via a VPC (Virginia Panel Corporation) G12 interface.