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Testing system, module test “ASIC”

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Electronics


HEITEC has developed an automated ASIC function test system. ASIC chips are application-specific integrated circuits whose functions comprise digital and analog function blocks.


The test system is used as a tool in the approval of standard chips for mass production during the development of ASICs. Until now, these ASIC chips were tested manually, which was extremely time-consuming. In addition to the performance of automated test sequences, the testing system continues to support manual testing. This is reflected, among other things, in the handling of chips and in the performance of tests. All hardware components that are necessary for testing an ASIC were integrated into a mobile 19-inch cabinet. To meet the complex requirements of the test specification, the testing system is equipped with a variety of sophisticated measuring and control devices: A PXI and LXI system network, an industrial PC, and several peripheral modules enable a compact, modular design. The plug-in PXI modules include digital multimeters, high-precision voltage sources, function generators, oscilloscope boards, GPIO (general purpose input/output) boards, and digital test pattern boards that mainly implement communication with the test object and can be dynamically parametrized during a variety of test scenarios.


  • Universally useable for multiple pcbs
  • Continued use in combination with Boundary Scan or Flying Probe