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Testing system kinematic "Air inlet and outlet valves"

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Aerospace Industry


On behalf of Nord-Micro, HEITEC AG developed and constructed a fully automatic testing and adjustment system for expanded exhaust valves on the Boeing B787.


The system consists of a station in which the test piece is inserted and locked in place mechanically. All the valve’s mechanical sequences are measured to their limits here. This includes all opening and closing procedures for each individual valve flap. If any one of these results is outside tolerance, the individual flap is adjusted during the test and measured again. Preparation for testing includes monitoring drift in the temperature and tilt sensors by the testing system, to enable the actual testing sequence to start with scanning the bar codes.

The bar code test involves comparing the device-specific data with the current order data. Following testing, a test log is produced for each test piece, which stores the measured values in addition to the specific details of the test piece itself.

Customer benefits

  • Quality Assurance
  • A system for a specific valve design variant