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Testing system, interior “STS (standard test system for electronic components)”

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Aerospace Industry


For Diehl Aerospace, HEITEC developed a standard testing system that can be used both in production and internationally in repair stations. In combination with various test adapters, the system performs function tests on a variety of components in airplane electronics, such as cabin lighting and emergency power supplies. In addition to the function tests, dielectric strength tests (with AC and/or DC voltage) and insulation resistance measurements are also possible.


The testing system is installed in a standard control cabinet with an integrated 19-inch rack-mount system. The function tests to be performed as per the test specification require that the system be equipped with an AC voltage source (Pmax = 800 W), a DC voltage source (Pmax = 1 kW), a Keysight DAQ device to record measured electrical values, a Sefelec dielectrimeter (combination of high-voltage tester and megohmmeter), and an industrial PC for data processing. The hardware components are centrally controlled via GPIB. The PC is equipped to communicate with the modules and exchange data via a CAN bus and an RS232 connection. The test results and the contents of various EEPROMs on the modules are then made available on the computer. This data is automatically decoded, saved to the computer as a text or Excel file, and processed for analysis. Test reports can be stored as PDF files and automatically sent to a printer if desired. The development process was based on the DO‑178B standard for aeronautical systems.

Customer benefit

  • Meets safety requirements as demanded by the aeronautics industry