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Testing system “gas turbine blades”

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Power Generation and Distribution


In collaboration with Siemens Energy, HEITEC builds automated testing systems for gas turbine blades. The modular inspection system is used for the testing and three-dimensional measurement of gas turbine blades. Depending on the test being performed, various thermographic and optical procedures as well as a 3D measuring procedure are applied.


The inspection system comprises a light-proof housing with integrated signal lamp, an operating terminal mounted on the housing, a turn & tilt unit with corresponding brackets for mounting the different turbine blades, and other components for the inspection procedures that can be optionally integrated. The core of the automated system for testing gas turbine blades, which combines a number of thermographic measurement methods, is a compact thermography module comprising a high-resolution infrared camera and a flash.

This module is mounted on two traversing axes that can automatically move to multiple measuring positions and, together with a turn-tilt table for mounting, permits a high throughput in three-shift operation: The minimum measurement time is 40 seconds per blade for five positions. The system is controlled via specially developed software that automates all process steps from component control to the display of the results. Data acquisition, data processing, image processing, and data storage are performed on a scalable network of industrial PCs.

Customer benefit

  • High throughput in shift operation
  • Non-contact, non-destructive measurement