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Testing system, exterior “bumper”

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Automotive


The zero defect strategy is an absolutely essential target definition in the automotive industry. It makes quality assurance increasingly important. Innovative measurement and test technologies for industrial use are taking on a key role. Samvardhana Motherson Peguform (SMP) in Neustadt on the Danube, a supplier of exterior and interior modules to several premium automotive brands, commissioned HEITEC to develop a new, fully automated testing system to monitor front bumpers.


HEITEC’s new, fully automated testing system optimally meets all the requirements that were set. Secured by a rolling shutter gate, the bumper is placed on a swivel table with two holders, swiveled into the test chamber, and inspected by 25 cameras. Following image processing, the correct installation of possible components is verified, including safety and assistance systems, lighting, and sensors. Verification is based on the construction contract that has been previously scanned (barcode/ DMC) and the associated data from the internal database. A second test object can be loaded and prepared during the test. The resulting cycle time is maximum ten seconds. If evaluated as “not OK” (NIO), an image of the missing features is displayed and saved.

Customer benefits

  • High degree of quality assurance
  • Implementation of zero defect strategy
  • Increased productivity and cost savings
  • Increased customer satisfaction