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Testing system, durability, medical technology “stent”

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Medical Engineering


For market-leading medical technology and electronics companies, HEITEC develops test stands for the multiaxial, dynamic application of mechanical loads to test objects.


This high-end test stand is designed without any mechanical coupling. This means that a wide range of stroke spectra and an extremely short response time can be achieved at test frequencies of up to 1000 Hz and with a repeat accuracy of < 10 μm for any geometric shapes, sample lengths, and diameters. The testing system can be optionally expanded to 3 measuring stations/operator panels. The test stand controller permits each axis to operate reproducibly with any waveform and constant monitoring of test parameters. The highly flexible automation system enables the controller to be adapted to project-specific requirements. The test stands’ modular design allows minimal setup times for different test methods. The testing systems can be used separately as test cell, laboratory device, or as part of a production line. Thanks to its compact design, the system is easy to transport and has very low noise emissions of < 65 dB (A). The temperature of the testing medium can be set to between 10⁰C and 60⁰C with a control accuracy of +/- 1⁰C and a measuring accuracy of 0.1⁰C. The deformation amplitude measurement is 1% of the measured value and measuring system resolution is 0.1 µm.

Customer benefit

  • Shorter testing times due to high testing frequencies
  • Modular design
  • Parallel testing of different types
  • Short setup times