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Testing system, “add-on automotive parts” BMW

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering
Industries: Automotive


BMW Spartanburg commissioned HEITEC to develop and build a testing system for verifying the presence and correct installation of various safety-related components, such as seatbelts, gas pressure shock absorbers, electronic controllers, and headlights.

For the implementation, integration into the existing system architecture on the part of BMW is absolutely essential.


In many tests, it was determined ahead of time that the best method for testing numerous features was a camera portal. To meet existing requirements, HEITEC developed a new image processing system based on Ethernet cameras.

HEITEC supplied two smart camera portals to test approximately 20 different features. Image processing tools, pattern recognition, and “label check” are primarily used to check the features. Image capture is performed on the assembly line. The camera is triggered by light barriers while the car body continues to move forward.


  • Assurance of quality
  • Increased efficiency in production
  • Increased productivity