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Task-oriented programming of processing plants

Portfolio: Automation, Digitalization
Industries: Plant Engineering and Machine Tool Industry, Electronics


Project to research the methodological foundations for developing an adaptable, task-oriented programming system for discrete manufacturing

  • Automated generation of the digital description of a plant and its components
  • Further development and integration of existing models for digital process and product description
  • Design of an adaptable planning module that converts the task to executable code


  • Development of methods for simplifying the configuration of machines and plants
  • A control system project is automatically generated, starting with the interpretation of the specification of a quantity structure of the digital task
  • Virtual commissioning for the purpose of qualifying the software before the actual machine is available
  • Upstream controller test to detect risks before the plant is implemented


  • More flexible use of plants
  • Reduction of development and commissioning times
  • Increase in quality and productivity without interrupting ongoing production
  • Reduction of risks when designing machines and plants