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Retrofit of a high-bay warehouse based on the model case “Hengstenberg, Bad Friedrichshall, Germany”

Portfolio: Automation
Industries: Logistics


Hengstenberg GmbH & Co. KG develops and produces sauerkraut, wine vinegar, and gourmet specialties and stores its products in a high-bay warehouse on site in Bad Friedrichshall. Three stacker cranes that can handle single and double pallets serve two storage areas. Artschwager & Kohl Software GmbH and HEITEC AG were commissioned to modernize the three stacker cranes, the conveyor equipment, and the safety equipment in the final packaging, storage, and canned foods areas, as well as the warehouse management system.


HEITEC generated new software for the stacker cranes and conducted a safety evaluation of the entire plant, including implementation of the resulting measures. The HEITEC specialists also installed the PROFINET components, designed and converted the conveyor equipment control cabinets, retrofitted all drives controlled by frequency converters, and replaced all operating terminals.


  • Guaranteed system availability and spare parts supply
  • Increased operational reliability
  • Precise positioning of pallets
  • Reduced mechanical load
  • Monitoring of warehouse areas  previously not observable
  • Energy savings