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Multifunctional machine tool for bar profiles

Portfolio: Production
Industries: Plant Engineering and Machine Tool Industry


For a leading international supplier of high-quality aluminum, plastic, and steel window, door, and facade systems, HEITEC has developed and produced a fast, multifunctional machine tool for bar profiles.


HEITEC’s machine tool is far superior to comparable offerings, above all in terms of precision and speed.
The system is precise to within a few hundredths of a millimeter, with cycle times as low as two seconds per part. This is many times faster than any technology formerly available on the market. At the customer’s request, equipment can be customized and adapted to the end product (drills, cutters, thread formers, rip saws, and cross-cut saws). 
Naturally, the machine is easy and intuitive to operate with a pictorial display and plain-text indication via touchscreen.


  • Automatic feed for part lengths ranging from one meter to an endless line, with storage and visual type control
  • Modular machining station that can be expanded at any time
  • Suction systems, minimum quantity lubrication, and chip containers
  • Profile cutting, drilling, milling, thread forming, and inscribing