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Innovative coating process for side shafts

Portfolio: Production
Industries: Automotive


Until now, applying coating to the side shafts of the rear axle was a time-consuming process in the automotive industry. 
Thanks to an innovative high-tech solution, HEITEC subsidiary Erhardt + Abt was able to fully automate the process.


To apply the coating evenly over the entire surface, the side shafts were formerly rotated by means of mechanical rotary drum screens through several stations. 
It was a process that offered tremendous optimization potential in terms of consistently high quality and efficiency. This rotating process can now be fully automated. 
The rear axle is suspended on a conveyor system and transported synchronously into the coating booth. Two coating robots are located inside the booth, one coating the left and the other the right side of the shaft. The robot just across from both of these then enables the real innovation: It is responsible for turning the side shafts of the rear axle. 
While the rear axle travels through the booth, the robot docks onto a coupling element and turns the axle using a servomotor. A hexagonal ball-head socket was developed and built for form-fit docking. The socket’s shape is based on the principle of an Allen key with a ball head for simple and secure form-fit docking and undocking, thus ensuring optimal force transmission.


  • Faster throughput times
  • Higher productivity