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Fully automated laser marking machine for fountain pen nibs

Portfolio: Production
Industries: Plant Engineering and Machine Tool Industry


For Germany’s leading supplier of writing implements, HEITEC has developed a fully automated laser marking machine for fountain pen nibs.


Among other things, the laser marking machine uses cameras to visually measure the gap through which the ink flows from the reservoir and the offset shaft for fountain pens. Any deviations from the setpoints are adjusted to the required dimensions with the aid of a laser, based on the principle of thermal straightening.
With a cycle time of 3.5 seconds per nib, the machine not only guarantees maximum speed but also ultra-low tolerances in the range of hundredths of a millimeter, thus also maximizing precision.
The laser marking system handles six different types of nib, and each nib passes through six stations in the machine.


  • Low operating costs thanks to the long life of the laser source
  • Low maintenance outlay
  • Higher productivity thanks to full automation