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Full LED illumination system for airplane cabins

Portfolio: Electronics
Industries: Aerospace Industry


LEDs offer many advantages: They guarantee greater color accuracy, show almost no changes in brightness, weigh about 30 percent less, consume about 50 percent less electricity, and have a much longer service life. The result is better quality lighting for airline passengers when cabin lights are dimmed and a more pleasant on-board atmosphere, thus improving passenger comfort. 
HEITEC has developed an adapter that controls the LEDs. The requirements were developed in collaboration with the customer.


HEITEC was responsible for developing the device hardware, housing, and embedded software. Particular attention was given to the aviation industry’s strict product safety requirements and to the relevant specifications – for example, in terms of weight optimization. 
The adapter electronics are responsible for communication between a central computer and the lighting units, for activating the LEDs, and for the module power supply unit. To reduce wiring outlay, a serial bus system was implemented within the system that converts commands from the central computer to commands for controlling the light units via a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). Maximum 36 units can be activated per device, distributed over eight channels. 
HEITEC performed the complete integration of hardware and software as well as the necessary qualification in accordance with aviation quality standards.

  • Development of electronics and housing in accordance with DO254
  • Development of embedded software in accordance with DO178B
  • Qualification in accordance with DO160


  • One contact, from development to qualification
  • Reduced development risk through the use of seasoned electronics specialists with aviation experience