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Flexible bench chassis for a function testing system in the automotive industry

Portfolio: Electronics
Industries: Automotive, Electronics


Compact and flexible system chassis are playing an increasingly important role in the automotive industry as a substitute for control cabinets. A HEITEC customer had this exact requirement for a car seat function testing system. In this case, it was essential to be able to fit the system without difficulty below the conveyor belts transporting the car seats.

Considering its dimensions, a standard control cabinet would have been out of the question for this application. The HEITEC HeiCase is an ideal substitute in such situations. Thanks to its flexible assembly options, made possible by the use of aluminum extruded cross-sections, the HeiCase can be precisely adapted to actual spatial conditions on-site. That makes it much more flexible than a standard control cabinet, and just as sturdy.

In addition, the system also had to be easy to transport, despite the many built-in items that add considerable weight. This was solved by using flexible transport rollers with a locking brake, which made it possible to transport the unit without difficulty even on uneven surfaces.

Besides producing the casing in the customer’s corporate design colors, HEITEC also had to ensure sufficient protection against environmental contaminants such as dust, and so the HeiCase was supplied in protection class IP52.

The chassis also had to be easily protected against unauthorized access – but the customer did not want a normal key for the system. All of the chassis had to be lockable using the same tool. That would prevent the risk of mixing up keys and minimize the chance of losing them. The solution was a tool-based four-sided warded lock that provides a simple, yet effective locking option.


  • Customer-specific system chassis
  • Transport rollers with locking brake
  • L x W x H: 660 mm x 19” x 7U
  • Design elements in RAL 5017
  • Tool-based locking options (4-sided warded lock)
  • Protection class IP52


  • Appealing, timeless exterior to suit corporate design requirements
  • High level of protection against environmental infl uences such as dust
  • Transport rollers with locking brake ensure easy transportation of the system chassis even with multiple builtin elements
  • Small form factor saves space, enabling the unit to be installed even in compact locations
  • Locking technology easy to use
  • Cost-optimized chassis concept