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Electrical equipment for connecting truck drive system to current collector

Portfolio: Power technologies
Industries: Power Generation and Distribution


An overhead contact line system for trucks will electrify highways. With eHighway, Siemens is introducing an innovative solution for the freight transport of the future.
The first public road equipped for electric trucks is being built in Los Angeles.

The concept for electrifying road freight traffic comprises three core components:

  • Hybrid drive technology
  • Power supply via overhead contact wires and braking energy fed back into the grid
  • Intelligent current collector for power transmission


HEITEC was commissioned by Siemens to develop, design, and produce the electrical equipment for connecting the electric drive system to the current collector (pantograph).
Two special HTE (hybrid truck equipment) cabinets were mechanically produced, electrically configured, and positioned behind the driver’s cab.
The system uses 650 V DC. The overhead contact line system is bipolar.
For reasons of safety, all electrical components are isolated.