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Digital services for optimizing machines

Portfolio: Automation, Digitalization
Industries: Plant Engineering and Machine Tool Industry


HEITEC PTS wanted to further increase the efficiency and availability of its HeiDetect Wheel Robot testing system, which is used around the world. This requires the continuous availability and automatic analysis of the latest machine data. The objective was to reduce plant down times and improve the end customer‘s production processes. At the same time, the x-ray testing systems needed to be continuously further developed and improved by reincorporating experience gained.


HEITEC developed an online monitoring app to meet these needs. The local data is transferred to the cloud, where it is compared with other data. For this purpose, all service data from the individual, globally distributed plants needs to be read out and stored in MindSphere.

Heitec uses the MindConnect Nano connector box for this transfer, which transmits the data to MindSphere securely and in encrypted form over a secure Internet connection. The connector box relies on standards such as OPC UA and the in-house Simatic S7 protocol, thus ensuring that all types of controllers, robots, and drive systems can be connected. A  scriptable Linux agent runs in the box, which can pre-process the data with intelligent algorithms and sends only analyzed information, such as cost factors, performance indicators, trends, etc., to MindSphere. This means it is not necessary to send 100,000 data points per time unit and burden the network but rather only 100 compressed items of information. The MindSphere cloud solution enables all HeiDetect Wheel Robots to be connected, regardless of where they are operated, under which IT conditions, and at what time.                                                                          

Various KPIs can be developed based on the data and be provided as predictive feedback for improving operating time and plant availability. This increases maintenance efficiency for both the machine manufacturer and the end customer.


  • Improved operating time and increased plant availability
  • More efficient maintenance for machine manufacturers and end customers
  • Machines are optimized based on the collected and processed machine data