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Development of a test device in the field of cataract surgery (femto laser eye surgery)

Portfolio: Measurement and Test Engineering, Production
Industries: Medical Engineering


In today’s medical technology industry, customized test equipment is essential for ensuring compliance with high quality standards and medical technology standards according to ISO 13485. That’s why HEITEC AG was commissioned by a well-known medical technology company to develop a new vacuum test device that will be used in production. The new test system conducts a functional test of the patient interface in the field of cataract surgery (femto laser eye surgery).


HEITEC’s new test system optimally meets all the relevant requirements. To ensure precise positioning accuracy, a complex camera system combined with a fully automatic mobile base is used to position the test specimens on the artificial eye. A light barrier informs the system that the specimen has been inserted. Depending on the situation, the system switches on the vacuum at the point of attachment in order to grasp the specimen and adjust the tubes. The contact between the specimen and the artificial eye is precisely adjusted by the camera system and mobile base. Using the integral flow and pressure sensors, the system can determine a drop in pressure and thereby detect an incorrect attachment or damage to the specimen or tubes. For further measurements of the specimen, a defined vacuum is generated and the adhesive force between the eye and specimen is determined using a tensile/compressive force transducer. Throughout the entire measuring procedure, the results are evaluated online and displayed on the HMI for the user.

Customer benefits

  • High quality assurance
  • Compliance with medical technology standard ISO 13485
  • Implementation of zero-defect strategy
  • Increased customer satisfaction