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Cost-optimized solution for complex server electronics

Portfolio: Electronics
Industries: Information and Communication Technology


For a provider of communication solutions, HEITEC implemented a cost-effective housing that mainly uses standard components but was modified as needed.

Digital alarm and communication servers facilitate and provide communication sequences, protection and alerts, render employees more mobility, optimize availability by phone and multimedia, and automate recurring processes. Such systems are used in many sectors, including healthcare, energy supply, transportation, financial services, and public facilities. A wide range of features permit event-based and automated communication processes such as broadcasts and alerting of persons, personal security features, crisis functions, and extended alarm functions for rescue services.

Complex, specialized server electronics enable highly available, extremely reliable operating solutions. A high packaging density for electronics as well as different designs based on the intended application defined the “frame” for the device housing. The result is a 19-inch desktop enclosure with handles based on the HeiPac Vario-Module that can, if needed, be installed in a server cabinet and ergonomically adapted to meet the particular needs of the end customer. In addition to the housing layout and integration of electronics, HEITEC was also responsible for quality assurance and mechanical function tests.

Other customer-specific requirements, such as a front panel adapted to the customer’s corporate design, were quickly implemented. The basic housing structure – for example, the side panels – is designed in 19-inch technology. The mounting rails are also standardized. This permitted the fast and economical provision of installation space for the desired arrangement. The guide rails were designed for loading as per customer requirements. Specially perforated top and bottom covers were developed and installed to provide optimal passive ventilation of the densely packed electronics without the use of additional fans while also meeting the requirements for electrical and mechanical safety as well as EMC. By providing perforations with a hole diameter of 2.0 mm, it was also possible to obtain the required UL approval.


  • HeiPac Vario-Module desktop enclosure
  • D x W x H: 245 mm x 84HP x 3U
  • Keyable guide rails with ESD contacts PCB = 160 x 2.00 mm
  • Bottom cover with 2.0 mm diameter perforations
  • Protection category IP40 


  • Customised desktop enclosure for customer-specific system
  • Excellent protection against ambient conditions (IP40)
  • Complete housing solution with integrated backplane and cable harness, quality assurance, and function tests, all from a single source
  • Special adaptations as per corporate design specifications
  • Maximum installation space for complex server electronics
  • High EMC protection
  • UL approval
  • Cost-optimised housing solution
  • Logistics concept specially adapted to customer requirements (e.g. availability at short notice)