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Control unit for an industrial dosing system

Portfolio: Electronics
Industries: Electronics


Material dosing systems are in high demand in industry due to increasing miniaturization of all electronics and the associated tasks and applications for the precise dosing of adhesives, sealants, lubricants, and other materials. HEITEC is supplying a manufacturer of these types of dosing systems with a central control unit that is specifically tailored to the valves developed by the customer. 

The control unit’s user-friendly interface ensures fast operation and the precise setting of valve parameters to achieve optimal dosing results at all times. In addition, all peripherals such as heating and pressure supply are already integrated. All programmable functions can be precisely and intuitively set via pushbuttons and by means of the easy-to-use pressure regulators. With the integrated display, the latest target and actual pressure and temperature values can be checked at any time and adjusted if necessary. All the connections required for the compressed-air supply, valve control, heating (optional), and power supply are accommodated in the device. 

The customer decided beforehand on an EMC-sealed enclosure from the HeiPac Vario Module series that is available in the standard HEITEC portfolio. Equipped with flanges, additional handles and housing feet, the device can be operated on a laboratory table or integrated into a 19” cabinet. The HeiPac Vario Module is cost-effective with a compact, stable and all-metal casing.

The two front panels accommodate the rotary knobs for pressure control and the entire operating unit. Outputs (pressure and control) for the valves as well as the optional heating connection and the power supply connection are located on the rear.

To guarantee safe operation, the device works with extra-low voltage (24 VDC) and guarantees protection category IP40. The required operating voltage is supplied by an external power supply unit. HEITEC assembles all the necessary modules, installs the pneumatics, and fully wires the device.


  • Customer specific system solution
  • Front/rear panels appropriately adapted to customer’s specifi cations
  • L x W x H: 250 mm x 84HP x 3U
  • Protection category IP40
  • Working pressure of up to 10.3 bar
  • Supplied with protective extra-low voltage (24 VDC)
  • High EMC protection
  • Stable, compact aluminum and sheet-steel enclosure


  • Plug-and-play system solution
  • Good tightness to protect against harmful external influences such as dirt and dust
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Excellent accessibility for ease of maintenance
  • Reasonably priced overall system