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Complete system for laser direct imaging

Portfolio: Electronics
Industries: Electronics


The direct exposure of PCBs via laser requires extremely high precision and very good image results. This is where Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) systems come into play: their laser beams focus on a painted PCB to expose it. These systems involve very high demands in terms of clean room requirements. They also have to function with maximum precision and be extremely failure-safe. Key aspects therefore include temperature management in terms of high electrical currents, ventilation and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

For this project, HEITEC had to accommodate highly complex electronics with a range of architectures, bus systems, interfaces and adaptation to high-resolution optics with a complicated lens system, all in a customized HeiPac Vario rack.

To ensure the most precise coordination between all the inner workings, HEITEC also took care of procuring the power supplies and fans. Having a single source for the entire system ensured the solution was as cost-efficient as possible. An extensive range of standardized chassis models and decades of development experience in the field of electronics make it possible to develop and manufacture a tailor-made system solution for the customer that will still satisfy the customer’s commercial requirements. This includes the fact that a special ventilation design was needed because of the stated requirement to fit the LDI system in the target application and use it in a clean room technology environment. This redirects the cool air to achieve better temperature values despite the high packing density and accumulated power losses, resulting in a significant improvement in reliability and service life.

The integration level was gradually increased from Level 1 (chassis components) to Level 4 (pre-integrated system) and all electronic sub-assemblies were integrated into the chassis, which also included bundling with the software. Close and trusting collaboration with the customer resulted in a cost-effective, customer-specific system solution in a very short time.


  • Customer-specific system solution
  • HeiPac Vario rack
  • L x W x H: 370 mm x 84HP x 6U
  • 7-slot CompactPCI ® backplane
  • Windows XP operating system
  • CPU board
  • ATX 12 V power supply, 300 W
  • 12 V DC axial ventilation


  • Customized rack for a customer-specific system
  • Very high failure safety
  • Innovative ventilation concept for optimal cooling of the electronics
  • High EMC protection
  • Cost-optimized solution for the customer


Complete system for laser direct imaging