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Photovoltaic system from HEITEC-Innovations for Erlangen site


A photovoltaic system with 136 modules was installed on the roof of the HEITEC site in Erlangen. HEITEC Innovations GmbH, a company of the HEITEC Group, was responsible for the preliminary planning and design of the system. The colleagues carried out simulations for the optimal alignment and number of modules to ensure the highest possible self-sufficiency rate for the electricity generated. Thanks to the sophisticated system, the latter is now 98.9 per cent.

In particular, the system will cover the power consumption of the energy-intensive servers at the site and will soon supply 20 per cent of HEITEC's Erlangen site with electricity. The system will have amortised economically in just four years. In addition to the financial benefits, the PV system represents another important step in our sustainability strategy and serves as a showcase project for our customers at HEITEC Innovations GmbH.