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What’s a retrofit?

Retrofitting is the modernization or expansion of existing plants and equipment that are typically older and no longer being built.

Reasons for a retrofit

As the service lives of machines and plants grow longer, their availability diminishes and production plants become unstable.

The failure of plant components then causes production outages. Many of the hardware components have already been discontinued and have become hard to find. In addition to the spare parts supply, there’s the ongoing need for specialists who are still familiar with the old technology. At the same time, technological progress is being advanced by the demands of the market.

A retrofit or targeted modernization plan enables existing plants to maintain their productivity and stable production while also being modernized.

With a modernization plan, plant operators aren’t just planning their investments; they’re also complying with new safety technology standards and the latest machine guidelines.

Peter Baumüller

Head of Automation, Erlangen

We know our industry

We assist in the modernization of old plants in a number of industries:

We provide customized solutions, whether they’re on the control level with actuator and sensor engineering and intelligent drive technology, or on the technical process control level with process visualization and optimization – all the way to connecting to the ERP level with SAP. With our expertise in providing comprehensive services that range from analysis and design to implementation, we reduce our customers’ engineering interfaces to a single point of contact.

Our solutions

We record the current condition of your plant, analyze the plant reliability risks, and support the process using digital engineering methods that safeguard your production.

As an expert in automation and information technology, we’re constantly refining our solution portfolio. We support the development of a smart factory with adaptive machines and systems and with both centralized and decentralized production controls. With our offerings in the areas of digitalization, automation, production and testing systems, and electronics, and with experience in a wide range of industries, we help our customers transition to Industry 4.0 more quickly.

By comprehensively covering the demands placed on a smart factory, we provide you with solution packages tailored to your individual needs.

Success story - Retrofit of a film wrapper

Model example “Loparex Germany GmbH & Co.KG”

Loparex Germany commissioned HEITEC AG to modernize one of its existing film wrappers designated “Wrapper E27.” A retrofit was required in order to ensure that the plant would operate at a higher level of availability, according to the latest safety standards, and with a guaranteed supply of replacement parts. The reasoning behind this approach was that a retrofit can be more suitable for existing plants than a replacement involving new construction because it results in shorter downtimes and lower costs. Through the exchange of outdated components and the addition of new, up-to-date technological developments, existing plants are restored to state-of-the-art condition. This reduces the risk of production standstills while also allowing employees to continue working with familiar technology without the need for extensive training. A retrofit also has a positive effect on product quality.

Customer feedback

“Based on our experiences from previous projects, Loparex Germany has once again relied on HEITEC’s expertise. Our confidence in the company’s ability to modernize our film wrapper was once again rewarded. Even the additional challenges of changes in technology were overcome, thanks to the targeted, expert commitment of HEITEC employees.”

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Benefits of a retrofit

Stable production

Modern components ensure the availability of your machines.

Conformity with standards

A risk analysis determines compliance with all new safety technology standards and the latest machine guidelines.

Boost in productivity

The use of modern components makes it possible to use their technological potential to increase productivity.

Spare parts availability

New components also guarantee the availability of spare parts.

Safeguarding your expertise

Due to employee turnover (for example, age-related), the company loses expertise in working with older plants. Retrofit and modernization measures effectively counteract this trend.

HEITEC’s solution expertise

We’re a product-independent system integrator with cross-industry automation and digitalization expertise that extends from consulting and implementation to after-sales service.

Comprehensive solutions are our core area of expertise and our greatest strength.

A workforce of over 1,000 employees in the HEITEC Group at numerous sites worldwide provides high-quality industry skills close to our customers.

Interested? We’re happy to help.

Is the operation of your machines still stable? Would you like to make your plants fit for the future? Would you like us to gradually and systematically prepare your plants for Industry 4.0?
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