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HEITEC Slovensko

HEITEC Slovensko, spol. s.r.o, started operations in April 1996, as part of the HEITEC AG group, based in Erlangen. The HEITEC AG concern was founded by Richard Heindl, in 1984.

Based in Trenčianska Turná, HEITEC Slovensko, spol. s.r.o. belongs to a group of 21 members representing the company in a number of European countries.

The HEITEC group of companies employs more than 1000 specialists, mainly in the engineering and technical fields. In HEITEC Slovensko, spol. s.r.o, currently work 57 specialists.

The company focuses on complex turnkey solutions in the areas of industrial automation and the application software development.

  • Automation of machines and processes (automotive, electrical, engineering, and pharmaceutical industries)
  • Development of measuring and testing technology
  • Application software development
  • Services for the design of electrical equipment
  • Services for the design of mechanical parts for equipment
  • Computer programming for PLC systems

Our company's main philosophy is to consistently focus on our customers and their needs. We emphasize flexibility in fulfilling customers’ requirements. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Our areas of expertise

Automation and robotics

HEITEC Slovensko offers innovative solutions in the field of automation of technological processes in various industry sectors e.g. automotive, machinery, building and pharmaceutical.

A team of mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as management experts work on achieving the same goal - customer satisfaction.

For a successful project execution, we offer the customer a comprehensive solution comprising several phases.

Testing equipment

HEITEC Slovensko implements projects in the field of automated product testing according to specific customer requirements.

We support our customers as their expert technology partner. From consulting as you select your testing technology to integration of measurement and test engineering solutions in your production system.

We offer: measurement and regulation of speed, temperature, flow, pressure, and distance; simulation of product’s operating conditions, processing of measured values, data collection and conversion, product count and monitoring and evaluation of product quality.

Hardware development

HEITEC Slovensko carries out engineering work in various fields such as development, design, implementation and programming of devices and applications.

We provide you with customized machines and systems for handling your tasks. With the advantage of over 20 years of experience in system construction, mechanical engineering and robotics, we can guarantee the highest level of flexibility, availability, and productivity for your production systems.

Our objectives are above all comprehensive solutions for mechanical and electronic systems.

Software development

One of the main services we provide is software development. We have extensive experience with various technologies and the Microsoft development environment (lately, especially with Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual C ++, Visual Basic). We also execute, and have done so in the past, projects for other platforms (Unix, Epoc - mobile devices).

Our specialists in HEITEC Slovensko provide software solutions e.g. development of customer-specific software and database systems, installation and configuration of commercial software, support for software projects, interface programming, fault analysis and troubleshooting and consulting and support.

Electronics Packaging Systems

EPS (electronics packaging systems) at HEITEC specialize in the industrial sector. We offer single components or fully integrated systems. Depending on the needs, we can meet different application requirements and possibly create individual solutions.

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Contact us

General Manager

Dipl. Ing. Jozef Ježík  
Phone: +421 32 6501 303

Technical Manager

Dipl. Ing. Jozef Janega
Phone: +421 32 6501 320

HEITEC Slovensko, spol. s r.o.

Trenčianska Turná 2811
913 21 Trenčianska Turná
Slovak Republic

Tel.: +421 32 6501 540

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