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About us

HEITEC represents industry expertise in automation, digitalization, and electronics and offers solutions, products, and services. HEITEC helps its over 2,000 customers increase their productivity and optimize their products by providing technologically high-quality, reliable, and economical solutions. A workforce of over 1,000 employees at numerous sites worldwide provides high-quality industry skills close to the customer.

Our experienced employees have in-depth technical knowledge and also know the specific requirements of many industries, including:   automotive, packaging technology, energy, medicine, food and beverage, maritime, aerospace, and logistics.
This experience is continuously being poured into more projects, which gives us a rich pool of proven solutions for a wide variety of industries. Our development and production processes are audited and certified for each industry and guarantee long-lasting product solutions.


Company statistics

10% growth

The HEITEC group has grown by an average of 10% over the past few years and has doubled its turnover in five years.

Over 1,000 employees

The HEITEC group currently employs more than 1,000 people at numerous locations both inside and outside Germany.

60% university graduates

More than 60% of our employees are college graduates or have undergone training as technicians.

Industry expertise in automation, digitalization, and electronics

The video depicts our strong brand.

From the beginning to where we are today


Today the HEITEC group has more than 1,000 employees and had a sales volume of about 130 million euros in 2019.


Since February 1, 2017, the headquarters address has been:

HEITEC AG, Güterbahnhofstrasse 5, 91052 Erlangen, Germany

2010 - 2016

A new location was opened in Eckental.

Branch offices were established in Munich, Augsburg, Kiel, Hamburg, and Bönnigheim, Germany.


Parts of the HEITEC Group were incorporated.

1991 - 1999

Branch offices were founded in Chemnitz, Regensburg, and Neckarsulm-Heilbronn, Germany.


In 1989, the first branch office was opened in Crailsheim, Germany. HEITEC began forming corporations abroad and purchasing holdings from other companies.


Facilities were relocated from Nuremberg to Erlangen.


Richard Heindl founded his company more than 40 years earlier with a focus on consulting and design in the field of machine and plant engineering.

The company was incorporated into HEITEC GmbH.

Quality in all process steps

To safeguard your competitive edge and technological advantage, we guarantee consistently high quality in all process steps in the company, certified by the following DIN standards: 


Both certifications are verified annually by DQS (IQNet Partner ) to ensure that the high quality standard is maintained.

Maximum information security for our customers

Tested by datenschutz cert, we now comply with the requirements of the ISO 27001 international standard (Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)).
With ISMS according to ISO 27001, we create binding processes and responsibilities that protect confidential company data against misuse, loss, or disclosure.
Our headquarters and data center in Erlangen, our Hungarian subsidiary, and our joint venture DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Kft have all been certified.

ISO 27001 Certificate (PDF)

HEITEC’s strategic and financial holdings