Logimat 2020 – The fast and reliable path to the smart factory


The automation and digitalization specialists Artschwager + Kohl, Heisab, and Heitec help companies optimize and modernize their intralogistics, from the ERP level to the MES and logistics levels all the way to the shop floor – and at the same time meet all the requirements of a smart factory. At Logimat 2020, they’ll be demonstrating how warehousing technology can be expanded, modernized, and digitalized across the entire automation pyramid.

The three companies have developed a unique coordinated procedure for the successful end-to-end networking and digitalization of automated warehouses and logistics systems. As general contractors, Heitec, Heisab, and Artschwager + Kohl draw on many years of experience and specialized knowledge for making plants more reliable, highly available, and consistently transparent. Successfully implemented projects confirm this concept of bundled expertise.

Since 1998, Artschwager + Kohl has been developing operating system-independent control system software that can be flexibly adapted to changing situations in manufacturing operations and to new technologies. “Control systems have to be able to grow along with the requirements of operations and must be capable of reliable and economical migration at any time. Having to change systems every five years is unacceptable,” says Jürgen Kohl, CEO of A+K. The company has developed its own specialized technologies and tools that are specifically designed for replacing control systems during ongoing production. The company’s logistics control and manufacturing execution systems are now used in operations worldwide: for example, by Google in California for manufacturing Google’s own server systems, by beverage specialist WeserGold in Rinteln, in the supply sector at Ideal Automotive, and in many other manufacturing operations in Europe, the U.S., and Asia.

As a high-powered partner of SAP SE, Heisab helps companies navigate the digital transformation by combining well-established process and SAP expertise with proven consulting methods and state-of-the-art technologies. Its portfolio includes comprehensive process and strategy consulting that extends from analysis and planning to design and integration all the way to comprehensive service and support. In the area of intralogistics, Heisab offers smart, future-ready solutions for the digital networking and integration of processes and systems. Its focus is on mobility and efficiency using mobile smart devices that already have many potential applications in logistics: for example, in warehouses, maintenance, and quality management. But the full optimization potential of these solutions can only be realized in conjunction with functional apps based on SAP Fiori and customized SAP add-ons.

As an expert in automation and information technology, HEITEC has developed a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions covering everything from digital plant and process planning to virtual commissioning and the networking of plants and production processes for the purpose of optimizing production. All of these solutions support the development of smart factories with adaptive machines and systems and with both centralized and decentralized production controls. With offerings in the areas of automation, production technology, testing technology, and electronics along with experience in a wide range of industries, HEITEC helps its customers transition to Industry 4.0 faster. "We laid the foundation for this ten years ago with our virtual models and digital twins as the virtual representations of real processes," explains Ekkehard Reuss, Chair of Heitec AG. "Our portfolio now includes providing end-to-end communications capability, networking capability, and process control for industrial enterprises. This is how we’re satisfying key elements in the overall strategy of Industrie 4.0."