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Benefit from experts - HEITEC is a Siemens Solution Partner for Industrial Edge


l2r.: Michael Rögner (Consultant Digitalisierung HEITEC AG) with Jan Möhring (Industrial Edge Ecosystem Manager Siemens AG) holding Solution Partner Certificate.

HEITEC is officially a Siemens Industrial Edge Solution Partner with Expert Recognition! With this, HEITEC underscores its competencies in the industrial edge ecosystem, not least with the in-house development of the Predictive Maintenance Edge app and the Pneumatic Losses Use Case.

The award joins the previous awards, as they can also be viewed on the Siemens Partner Finder Site:

» Partnerfinder Siemens

With the Predictive Maintenance App in particular, HEITEC offers a generic way to quickly and inexpensively evaluate machines with regard to their actual load. For this purpose, all essential data points are clearly listed from the circuit diagram in the HEITEC Predictive Maintenance Configurator and made available to both the PLC and the Predictive Maintenance Edge App via the import / export function. This means that actuator actions can be conveniently monitored in the future and displayed transparently with our HEITEC Monitoring Apps for Industrial Edge and MindShere.

Last but not least, our Pneumatic Losses Use Case also arouses great interest and inspires with its clearly understandable and easy implementation:

» Monitor My Pneumatic Losses