HEITEC electronics:
Custom made – from the idea to the product

What is it that makes HEITEC electronics so special?

Three areas of expertise – development, chassis technology and manufacturing – that work together smoothly to meet the increasingly complex requirements of our customers:

We always provide the support you need, tailored to your specific requirements.

From software development and assembly production to system integration and complete solutions, we accompany you throughout all lifecycle phases, from the initial idea to the finished electronic product – and all from a single source.

  • A single contact from design through to quality certification and series production
  • Use of existing technology and industry expertise
  • Use of proven building blocks and standard components

You get to your product/system solution

  • faster and at lower cost
  • more flexibly and more easily

What we provide:

  • System development, such as support for defining architectures and splitting up functions
  • Board development, such as circuit diagram development and layout
  • Software design from firmware through to application level
  • Casing and system technology with a broad portfolio of standard chassis components and platforms, as well as customer-specific solutions
  • Module and system manufacturing
  • Integrating the system platform and solution

Certification, Standards, Guidelines

Our customers come from many different, demanding industries, all with a wide range of applications. Industry specialists in our teams help us understand your specific requirements and regulations, and reflect them in our solutions.

Our skills in developing and manufacturing the appropriate components and systems are confirmed by a range of certificates.