HEITEC electronics:
Expertise in customized solutions

Whether your project involves system, software or assembly manufacture, we’ll be happy to help you see it through from the initial idea to the finished electronic product – throughout all stages of the creation process and lifecycle. When you work with us, you can be confident of proven solutions based on 30 years of knowledge and experience, acquired in many successful projects for very different industries and levels of added value. That’s how we know what will work and what will not.

  • A single contact from design through to quality certification and series production
  • Use of existing technology and industry expertise
  • Use of proven building blocks and standard components

You get to your product/system solution

  • faster and at lower cost
  • more flexibly and more easily

From idea to product

Our experience is backed by a comprehensive library of proven hardware, software and mechanical building blocks that we can draw on directly for every solution we create for you. Our casing technology components and platforms – based on Rittal’s former electronic packaging product portfolio – enable us to offer chassis and system solutions for the most demanding applications swiftly and reliably, and every bit as smoothly.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Architecture concepts
  • Technology analyses
  • Requirement analyses
  • Creation of requirements and other specifications
  • System engineering
  • Chip design
  • Hardware design
  • Mechanics and construction
  • Casing incl. EMC and heat dissipation
  • Software engineering
  • CE-labeling, UL, FCC
  • EMC testing
  • Shock/vibration
  • Climate testing
  • Electrical safety
  • Validation
  • Component procurement/SCM
  • Module configuration
  • Component assembly
  • System assembly
  • System integration
  • Function tests
  • Global supply logistics
  • Repairs
  • Returns management
  • Obsolescence management
  • Long-term supply guarantees
  • Redesigns

Use of building blocks:

  • Library elements (software, mechanics and electronics)
  • Wealth of experience from prior projects
  • Chassis technology components and system platforms

What we provide:

  • System development, such as support for defining architectures and splitting up functions
  • Board development, such as circuit diagram development and layout
  • Software design from firmware through to application level
  • Casing and system technology with a broad portfolio of standard chassis components and platforms, as well as customer-specific solutions
  • Module and system manufacturing
  • Integrating the system platform and solution

Certification, Standards, Guidelines

Our customers come from many different, demanding industries, all with a wide range of applications. Industry specialists in our teams help us understand your specific requirements and regulations, and reflect them in our solutions.

Our skills in developing and manufacturing the appropriate components and systems are confirmed by a range of certificates.