Consulting, planning and concept design

Innovative engineering in planning and drafting is the basis for every project’s success.

As part of a comprehensive automation service, HEITEC offers consulting, planning and concept design of industrial solutions for electronic technology, automation, mechatronics and information processing. If desired, we perform these tasks as a general contractor and for a large variety of projects, such as control technology, MSR technology, vertical integration, motion control, bottling plants, high rack warehouses, sewage treatment plants or solar cell assembly.

In finding a suitable solution, our engineers and technicians evaluate possible approaches from the viewpoint of the customer. The challenges are as diverse as the technologies and products that satisfy the project requirements. What is the optimal solution for your requirements in the industrial field? HEITEC can answer this question best.

HEITEC’s engineers consult you in the selection of suitable products by planning and documenting possible alternative solutions, thereby making the advantages and disadvantages comparable. The customer then receives the desired complete or partial solution.

Our customers profit from HEITEC’s experience in diverse industrial fields. This makes HEITEC a partner that can solve problems in a flexible, holistic, innovative and substantiated manner.