HeiVM – the virtual machine

HeiVM represents virtual models – the “digital machine” – from the automation components through to design, simulation, virtual commissioning and configuration of your plant.

To program the controls and robots, the behavior of these virtual models must be absolutely identical to their physical equivalents in terms of the functional behavior of kinematics and interfaces.

Extensive libraries of virtual components make process modeling easier, from presses, robots, conveyor belts, and automation systems to sensors and actuators.

Automation strategies can be tested in terms of their functionality and behavior over time, enabling process sequences to be optimized.

The strategy of running a “real” commissioning process on the virtual model lets you test all current and future operating sequences in the relevant production environment in real time, and control them using the original automation software.

This lets you achieve higher roll-out quality for automation and drive solution software, and identify design and sequence errors at an early stage. Parallelizing the processes significantly minimizes the project run time.

In addition, HeiVM can make these virtual models available to the process owner, which can then, as the manufacturing technologist, assemble the plant and put it into operation.


  • Real commissioning using the virtual model
  • Real-time simulation of operating sequences in the appropriate production environment
  • Software adjustment using the real plant layout and work sequences

Benefits of HeiVM

  • Shortened project and commissioning periods
  • Improved software quality for trouble-free production
  • Reduced plant downtimes
  • Training on the virtual model ensures faster and easier employee familiarization
  • Substantial cost savings and higher productivity