HeiMAX –
mobile assistance system

HeiMAX is a mobile assistance system that ensures an ideal, needs-oriented, paperless workflow for design, coordination and implementation activities.

HeiMAX makes it possible to implement checklists and task lists in a structured, collaborative and delay-tolerant way (i.e. one that is robust against interruption) with electronic support from a smart device.

The web-based software communicates with all higher-level systems used in the company (SAP, CAD, etc.). This ensures that software users have access to all necessary information at the right time and in the right place.

The software can be used for all processes in which structured lists have to be worked through and evaluated, e.g. for quality control, qualification/validation, or for acceptance records, etc. . The goal is to move away from paper to an electronic solution.

A HeiMAX solution is currently being implemented to provide smart support for servicing and maintenance. Instead of maintaining checklists and documents in files, all the information needed to perform maintenance is saved on a tablet.

Multiple users can work on a single system using their own hardware, which reduces downtimes, increases plant availability, and optimizes maintenance times.


  • Multiuser-capable (during maintenance work)
  • Electronic, multi-language maintenance logs generated automatically
  • Connection to higher-level systems (ERP, CAD, etc.)
  • Integration of multimedia content

Benefits of HeiMAX

  • Reduction of machine and plant downtimes
  • Less time spent on maintenance
  • Optimization of sequences and processes
  • Central storage of data and electronic analyses