parameterizable distributed control system out of the box

The HeiLEIT distributed control system can be put into operation directly out of the box, and is easy to adapt to plant requirements.

HeiLEIT makes it possible to assemble state-of-the-art function models on modular principles, taking account of all the aspects an innovative distributed control system involves, to ensure the user focus is considered at all user levels.

HeiLEIT Operator is the HMI solution that reads out and communicates plant status, and can be used to seek assistance quickly if a fault occurs.

The HeiLEIT Supervisor SCADA solution permits extensive line networking. Several systems can be connected to HeiLEIT and their processes monitored.

HeiLEIT Management maintains an overview of the most important required indicators in summary form on a dashboard, and the use of smart devices makes it location-independent. The possibility of connecting to as many as 300 different automation systems makes HeiLEIT the cost-effective distributed control system solution.


  • Automatic project creation using Excel template
  • Connection to up to 300 different automation systems
  • All function modules are specified and documented
  • Standardized project generator wizard
  • Finished image and function library

Benefits of HeiLEIT

  • Cost-effective distributed control system solution
  • Scope of function can be adapted to suit user requirements on a modular principle
  • State-of-the-art, standardized functional modules with innovative operating system
  • The distributed control system can be parameterized to enable machines and plant to be connected quickly
  • Easy customization of standardized function modules
  • Shorter time-to-market production