Monitoring and HMI for machines and plants


  • Collection of data and transformation into information objects via gateways
  • Long-term storage and analysis of information objects
  • Customized and mobile monitoring
  • Design and implementation of modern operating concepts for machines


  • High transparency in the production process through visualization of process data
  • Compliance with quality processes and assurance of quality standards
  • Time and cost savings thanks to simple and optimized maintenance 
  • Greater productivity through easier and faster preparation, optimization, and processing of production orders
  • Reliable business planning using real-time production data

A key feature of Industrie 4.0 is that humans, machines, and components communicate with each other. To ensure that this goes smoothly in practice, the appropriate software has to retrieve any data from the controllers and from the production line sensors and individually process that information for the various process participants.

With HeiTPM, HEITEC 4.0 offers a gateway to the programmable logic controllers of machines and robots as well as sensors and actuators. It records all types of data, automatically evaluates that data, issues warnings, and calls the best service technician to eliminate the fault.

All information objects are visualized on customizable dashboards. This gives users appropriate customized information that is easy to understand and that they can use to optimize processes, prove process quality, determine the cause of faults, and optimize energy consumption.

HMI for making standardized and flexible user interfaces

To ensure better support in the face of increasing complexity in technology and in the production processes of operators, it is necessary to redesign human-machine communication to machines. With HEITEC 4.0, we offer a platform for standardizing the user interfaces of machines to make them more flexible. Different controllers are abstracted for the HMI software in such a way that they can be visualized for different activities on the machine in individual and intuitive apps.

Machine and plant operators can use the apps to prepare, optimize, and process production orders, input completion notifications directly on the machine, and request a new order – all this with a direct connection to the SAP services.

That’s how HEITEC 4.0 completes the digital information and interaction chain from the corporate management level to the machine. This puts a key element of networked production into the hands of users.