Horizontal and vertical IT integration

HeiTPM enables fast and flexible integration into diverse IT landscapes and maps production in real time.


  • Flexible connection of ERP systems to shop-floor systems
  • Intelligent machine-to-machine communication
  • Uses of modern human-machine interfaces
  • Cross-company information flows


  • Fast and flexible integration into diverse IT environments
  • Reliable planning based on real-time data from production
  • Faster preparation, optimization, and processing of production orders

HeiTPM provides rapid, flexible integration into a wide variety of IT environments and maps production in real time, creating consistent, end-to-end transparency and a 360-degree view of plant processes.

The production and machine-related data is seamlessly linked and synchronized with business processes and directly integrated into the ERP systems’ business applications.

Based on the real time data from production, production orders can be quickly prepared and processed. As a decision-making aid, the integrated end-to-end IT solution extracts information relevant to each target group from the networked production data, and then uses intelligent algorithms to generate the knowledge to optimize the production processes and make them flexible and reliable. Customized production monitoring is possible anytime, anywhere. 



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