Embedded systems for decentralized intelligence


  • Non-standard components for automation
  • Decentralization of “intelligence”


  • Optimal machine design
  • Optimized utilization of material and components
  • Reduced costs and increased productivity

In keeping with the idea of Industrie 4.0, components, machines, and sensors must become cyber-physical systems to ensure that production in the sense of “mass customization” and “batch size 1” can be flexibly designed as self-regulating processes.

HEITEC 4.0 provides a solid foundation for true integration that allows a smart sensor or machine to deliver its information directly to the corporate management level.

HEITEC develops special embedded systems by drawing on its expertise in mechanics, housing technology, electronics, and software. Thanks to dedicated processing logic, communication, and storage capabilities to connected sensors or actuators, the acquired decision-making capability makes it possible to solve complex processes autonomously and faster than ever before.

The networking of these embedded systems, which operate autonomously to some degree, paves the way for numerous new services for the optimization of production.