Digital engineering

HeiVM stands for “HEITEC virtual model” of a plant or machine. With real commissioning on the virtual model, it maps and tests all current and future operating sequences in the corresponding production environment.


  • Virtual commissioning
  • Digital twin
  • Digital planning


  • Decreased project and commissioning times
  • Reduced plant downtimesn
  • Increased software quality for trouble-free production
  • Faster and easier employee training thanks to training on the virtual model
  • Significant cost savings and greater productivity

One important productivity lever when you’re building a plant is software-based support for engineering processes by using virtual models of machines, systems, robot applications and material flows. Extensive libraries of virtual components like presses, robots, conveyor belts, as well as entire automation systems and individual sensors and actors, make modeling easier.

They make it possible to test automation concepts both for functionality and for real-time behavior, and to optimize processes. The concept of real commissioning on a virtual model makes it possible to simulate all present and future operating processes in real time within the appropriate production environment, and to control them with the original automation software.

In combination with the digital twin of the plant, it is possible to analyze production in the office. In this way, optimization strategies for production workflows can be drawn up, causes of error can be researched, and quality data can be evaluated. Changes can be tested on the virtual model and, if successful, integrated into the plant.

Our broad-based portfolio for your digital factory




  • Virtual plants
  • Virtual machines
  • Material flow
  • Robot applications
  • Offline software qualification
  • Support / service
  • Resource qualification

Plant Simulation

An event simulation tool that makes it possible to produce digital models of logistics systems.

Process Simulation

A tool for virtual validation of assembly concepts before production starts.

Process Designer

3-D modeling of assembly processes and lines, together with analyses and management of production processes.


Software for planning, visualizing, simulating and safeguarding production planning.


Software for real-time software testing and for training operating and maintenance personnel on virtual machines.


An engineering solution for operating real controls on a virtual machine or system, especially in drive technology and the NC sector.


3-D visualization tools that range from SPS simulation to HIL control connections, and that can be customized to meet individual needs.

Virtual commissioning

Digital engineering enables you to achieve higher as-delivered quality for software in automation and drive solutions, and to detect design and running errors at an early stage. All of which significantly reduces project running time. You can also expand your virtual plant to include logistics, and simulate material flows. You can adapt the plant software to the actual plant layout and to actual working processes. All of which makes it easier to commission robots and conveyor equipment, and to test alternative options for solutions.

Up to 0 % less project running time
Up to 0 % less commissioning time

On average, project completion times are about 15 percent shorter and commissioning times are cut by 50 to 80 percent. In designing machines being built for the first time, digitalization cuts time to completion by four to six weeks. Future expansions and changes can be planned and tested in parallel even while the system is in operation.

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