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Our business fields


HEITEC represents industry expertise in automation and offers you solutions, products, and services ranging from planning to comprehensive automation solutions in a wide range of industries for the transition to Industry 4.0. Our HEITEC 4.0 solution portfolio helps you achieve networked production faster.

Production and testing systems

HEITEC provides you with customized machines and systems for handling your tasks. Our over 30 years of experience in system construction, mechanical engineering, and robotics guarantee the highest level of flexibility, availability, and productivity for your production plant. With over 300 turnkey systems installed worldwide, we’re your expert partner when it comes to automating your processes.


At our Electronics Competence Center, HEITEC develops and manufactures customized electronic products and systems, from simple boards to complex systems consisting of hardware, embedded software, application software, and chassis technology. At HEITEC, we possess in-depth, specialized technical knowledge and are also familiar with the specific requirements of regulated industries. Our development and production processes are calibrated, audited, and certified to ensure that they fulfill these requirements.