HEITEC is known for industrial competence in automation and electronics and offers solutions, products and services in the fields of software, mechanics and electronics. More than 2000 customers increase their productivity and optimize their products with the help of HEITEC's state-of-the-art, reliable and economic system solutions. A work force of over 1000 employees at numerous sites worldwide provides high-quality industry skills close to the customer.


Our experienced employees have in-depth technical knowledge and also know the specific requirements of many industries, including automotive, packaging technology, energy, medicine, food and beverage, shipbuilding, aerospace, and logistics.
This experience is continuously being poured into more projects, providing us with a rich pool of proven solutions for a wide variety of industries. Our development and production processes are audited and certified for each industry and guarantee long-lasting product solutions.

Our services range from consultation and development, to testing and commissioning, through to service

In the automation field ...

... we develop software for networked production systems with which machine and system designers can improve their customers’ production processes.

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In the production systems field...

... we build complete systems using mechanics, robotics, drive technology, and software, and test and commission them.

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In the electronics field...

... we develop and produce customer-specific, embedded overall systems in which we integrate processor and communications technology as well as actuators and sensors. Overall, our services cover the entire production value creation chain.

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In the measurement and testing technology field...

... we integrate sophisticated image processing systems for quality assurance or production controlling.

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In the field of energy technology ...

... we are a manufacturer-independent partner for energy supply companies and industry. We connect medium- and low-voltage switching systems and control technology to production systems.

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