From concept to commissioning

The choice is yours

Individual product and service packages according to your requirements or complete solution provided from a single source


Customer order

  • Concept development
  • Specifications
  • Offer preparation

Project planning & engineering

  • Technical clarification, short-circuit calculation, and component design
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Software development


  • Procurement
  • Ordering of materials
  • Commissioning

Assembly & production

  • Mechanical construction and wiring
  • Software development and visualization
  • Documentation review

Testing & acceptance (FAT)

  • Visual inspection
  • Functional inspection
  • Acceptance by the customer

Assembly & installation

  • Transport and installation of control panels
  • Cable routing
  • Connections


  • Complete commissioning, system settings and parameterization
  • Function test with customer and acceptance
  • Preparation of finalized documentation 

Service & maintenance

Lifecycle of a cruise ship

HEITEC supports you with both personnel and technical expertise throughout the entire lifecyle of your ship: from spare parts procurement and repairs to retrofitting of the electrical systems and subsytems.


  • Use of different hardware brands, at the customer‘s option
  • Planning, engineering, installation, software development and commissioning included


  • Control for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Telecontrol

Instrumentation and controls

  • Visualization
  • Alarm monitoring systems
  • Main and emergency MV + LV control panels
  • Low-voltage switchgear
  • Consoles for Bridge, Nock, ECR and safety systems
  • Navigation desks and overhead consoles
  • Motor starters in pull-out and conventional design
  • Power distribution systems, light distribution systems, single starter devices
  • Shore connection control panels
  • Navigation systems
  • NAVTEX systems
  • VDR Voyage data recorder systems
  • Entertainment systems, IPTV, video-on-demand, sound systems, multimedia systems
  • External communication systems, VSAT, GMDSS, Anti-piracy system
  • Internal communication systems, PABX, PA systems, fire alarm systems, intercoms, Catering Intercom System
  • Automatic ship identification systems (AIS)
  • Compass systems
  • DGPS electronic positioning
  • Echo sounder systems
  • Consulting & planning
  • Development & design
  • Manufacturing & test
  • Commissioning & training
  • Service & maintenance