Aerospace Industry

Development and verification according to DO-178B and DO-254 guidelines

The speedy increase of complex hard- and software for security systems requires the formulation of carefully designed processes during development. HEITEC develops, tests, validates and documents electronics and testing systems for the aerospace industry, in accordance with standards DO-178B and DO-254 (guidelines for software and hardware development in aerospace sectors with critical safety requirements).

Leaning on their application in avionics, the development is classified in terms of five different security levels (Level A to E). At each security level, there are different requirements in terms of the development process and intensity of validation and verification tests. Consistency of these requirements is achieved via tools.

System development and requirements management for the aerospace industry

HEITEC AG has years of experience in the realisation of developments in the aerospace industry. HEITEC's solutions are applied for civil and military use in the aerospace sector. Therefore, we have performed complete validations and verifications of all requirements for electronic control units, including generators of airplanes and unmanned flight objects (UCAV – unmanned combat air vehicle).

The development and construction of complete functional testing systems is another key component of our industry expertise. In addition, HEITEC is experienced in the development of control electronics according to DO-178B-Level C+D and DO-254 for UCAV generators, as well as in engine guidelines (see project examples).